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George Schogol, GA

1998-2003 General Secretary of Federation Cynologique de Georgie
First judging appointment in 1992, FCI judge since 1997
Former Member of the Presidium of Federation Cynologique de Georgie
2007-2009 a Vice-President of Federation Cynologique de Georgie
Was responsible for training courses for judges, ring stewards and secretaries
until 2009 Has written many articles about various breeds for
Georgian Pet Magazine-Ertguli Megobari (A true friend)
Has bred some boxer champions under kennel name v. Hagenplatz

We have always had dogs in our house. The first boxer appeared at us
in the year of 1983, since that time this breed had become the favorite
one for our family. All our dogs have lived in a comfortable
home environment as beloved pets.

A dog show judge since1992. Nowadays I am an all round judge for the breeds
recognized by Federation Cynologique Internationale. I have had judging
appointments in the following countries: Finland, France, Italy, Montenegro,
Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Greece,
Belgium, Austria, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Israel, China, Canada, Croatia, Thailand, Japan,
Australia, Indonesia, Uruguay, Brazil, Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia,
Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

I was honored to judge at European Dog Show 2012 in Bucharest, Romania
I also often give seminars here in Georgia and abroad on different canine topics.

Hanne Laine Jensen, DK

I was born in 1944. I am married and have two children and five grandchildren.
My Profession is teaching. I worked for many years with children,
who needed extra care.
My life with dogs began in the late sixties. At that time my husbond and
I bought a Boxer in Sweden.
This dog was during his life very succesful at shows and because of that,
the engagement in the dog world for both of us increased.

In the beginning of the seventies I got my first Wirehaired Fox Terrier and
very soon it became obvious to me that my place in the dog world was
with the terrier breeds. Until the late eighties I had a small Kennel
with Wirehaired and Smooth Fox Terriers.
My prefix was and still is “Neser”.

In 1980 I qualified as a judge for my first breed. This breed was quickly
followed by others. I have always had a wide interest in the different breeds,
and this interest increased more and more.
I therefore chose to minimize my kennel in favour of my judging appointments.

For a decade I was one of the leading persons in developing a mentality
test for The Danish Kennel Club.
I qualified as a judge for mentality tests and became the chairman of
The Committee for Mentality Tests in Denmark.
This work has given me a unique knowledge in the mentality of dogs.
This knowledge has been a great advantage, when I judge at dog shows.

I was for a longer period a member of The Judge Committee
of The Danish Kennel Club.
This committee is responsible for the education and training of both
new and already qualified judges.

Since 2013 I have been a member of the Standard Committee which
translates the standards - published by The FCI - to Danish.

I became an All Round Judge in 2013.

In addition to the Fox Terriers I have had Border Terrier and Shiba.
In the beginning of the nineties I imported an excellent Shiba male from England.
He was very successful and sired many puppies.
It was so interesting to have a Japanese breed in the house
and to learn about their very special mentality.

When my last Border Terrier died, I decided not to have a new puppy.
I was very often away from home,
and I would not have the time to train a new dog.
I have no dogs at home, but luckily my life is full of dogs.

Alessandro Zeppi, IT

my name is Alessandro Zeppi.

I have enjoyed a very active involvement in purebred
dogs for more than two decades.
My parents started breeding Bracco Italiano 35 years ago.
My keen interest in dogs started when I was very young
and now I'm carring foward my father's love for purebred dogs.

Fifteen years ago I started having a keen interest on
Golden Retrievers and after Labrador and English Cocker.

I breed and show Golden Retrievers, Labrador and English cocker, 
and I also produced several Champions included
4 International champion of beauty in 3 different breeds. 

Patricia De Coning, ZA

Was brought us with dogs from a very young age, my father had GSD,
Border Collies and later Boerboel
It was only much later I got involved in Exhibiting, Breeding &
Judging Clubs. I serve on the Northern Province Judges Sub Committee
as Chairlady and also serve on the National Judges Committee thus
very involved in the training of new judges in South Africa.

I have served on many clubs as Chairlady but at present I am the
Chairlady of Northern Tshwane Kennel Club (All Breeds Club)
this is now my 10th year also served on this Club as a normal
committee member before. I am also the Chairlady of the
Transvaal Terrier Club This being my 11th year. 
I also served as Chairlady on the Chihuahua Club for 2 years.

I have owned, exhibited or bred the following breeds with great success.
Never been a big breeder:. Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Shih Tzu, Maltese,
American Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Border Collies, Miniature Schnauzer.
-  judged many specialties in the above breeds.

For the past 17 years I have been exhibiting Airedale Terriers and more resent
Chinese Crested (6 years) with great success.
I have also bred some top winning dogs; a very beautiful and successful
American Cocker dog owned by Mrs. V. Tarr this young dog was the top
winning American cocker and Gundog in his day.
My Airedale “Angus” was the Top Dog All Breeds in 2005 and since 2004 -
my Airedales have either been the top Terrier in the KUSA
or Animal Talk top 100 ratings (or in both) and was runner up twice.

At present I only have 1 Airedale at home and now 12 years old.
My Shih Tzu’s were all top winners in their day and my boy
Ch Nasdom Anjin San was also the top winning Utility dog
in his day having won 189 BOB, as was My Maltese Top Toy for
two years in a row.

At present I am exhibiting Chinese Crested and having great
success with this wonderful breed. In the Animal Top dog all breeds
in 2015 my puppy ended up no 1 Crested and no 37
All Breeds a new record for the breed, with her kennel mate
no 2 top Crested and 67 All Breeds an amazing achievement for the breed..

My dogs have all won multiple Group and Best in show awards something
we are very proud of that being under top International and Local judges

I judged all groups during 2013 & 2014 limited during 2015 due
to exhibiting and overseas appointments

Patricia Gilliard, USA

Hi my name is Patricia Gilliard and I am an AKCBreeder of Merit, Owner Handler,
and an AKC Judge. I grew up in Florida and have lived a number of places,
including the Philippines.  I retired a few years ago as the Program Manager for
the Public Works Departmentin Clay County in the state of Florida,  USA.

I grew up always with a family dog by my side. Thirty years ago I became involved
with dog shows. My first breed was the Rottweiler and then for almost twenty
years I owned, bred andexhibited the American Akita. I continue to breed and
exhibit the Shiba Inu and Tibetan Spaniel. It has been my pleasure and honor
to own and exhibit some top ranked dogs. I was honored to win Best Bred By
Exhibitor 3 out of 4 year sat the Eukanuba Shows for the
Tibetan Spaniel in Orlando,  Florida. 

I have judged American akita at Specialties and Nationals in the United States
and also in Finland. I have served on the board of the National Akita Club
of America, The Shiba Club of America, and am currently on the board of the
Tibetan Spaniel Club of America. 
I have served on the Judges Education Committee for the Shiba Inu. 
I was an approved ringside mentor for the AkitaI belong several all breed
clubs near me. I love to travel and see this beautiful world. 
I love to meet new friends thatshare the love of this fancy with me.

Charlott Sandberg, SE

Born and raised among Bearded Collies, Old English Sheepdogs, Manchester Terriers,
Tibetan Terriers and Staffordshire Bullterriers as my parents introduced the breeds in Sweden
with the prefix Farmarens and Sunstaffs.
In Bearded Collies since 1965, 200 homebreed show, agility, obedience, bloodtracking champions
and multi winners all over the world have come from our breeding. Active as a groomer and
handler from early childhood, judge since 1993.
Have previously judged in UK, Europe, USA and Scandinavia.
Johnny Andersson, SE

Jag föder upp Shetland Sheepdog under namnet Lundecocks , Har även Collie ,
Jag dömer raser ur grupperna 1 2 3 5 8 9 10 ...
 Jag har varit Domare i ca 10 år o dömt många länder .
Jag ser fram emot att döma på er utställning , Sheltei är ju min egen ras .
O Berner Sennen har jag tidigare fött upp  o jag har även för länge sedan ägt Schäfer .  
Så 3 av raserna jag dömer hos er har jag haft .
Tack för förtroendet
Marit Sunde, NO

Breeder of Boxer since 1961, Bogerudmyra Kennel. Started breeding Bullmastiff in '69,
as one of the pioneers of the breed in Norway.
Became well known and respected for this breeding in Norway as well as abroad.
Stop breeding Bullmastiff in 1991. Started with Boston Terrier  in 1980, and end up with
Boxer in 2004 and  is now only breeding  Boston Terrier .. 

Multiple International Champions with export all over the world. Took BOB at Cruft's '02
and also lots of worldwinners.
FCI judge since 1971. Has been authorized as judge for all breeds since 1997.
Much used as judge in Europe, Ireland, UK, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia,
Philippines, India, Israel, US, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, China.

Several commisions in different canine organizations since 1964. And honorarymember in many 
dogclubs including Silvermedal from NKK and Goldmedal from AHF and
The Prize of Honour for  breeding from NKK.

Ben Reynolds-Frost, GB

Ben’s principle breed is Whippets but has made up Champions in Basenji and Ibizan Hounds.
Ben has been judging since 1972 and has been awarding CCs since 1976 and to date awards
33 CCs across 5 groups. He is past by the Kennel Club to do the Hound and Working
groups plus BIS.

He has travelled to many parts of the world including USA, Australia and many countries in Europe.
He is pleased to be judging again this year in both Finland, Sweden and Barbados.
His highest achievement in his judging career was the Hound Group at CRUFTS in 2012,
and a very close second is this Best in Show at Windsor. 

Ann Roth, USA

Ann’s true love in life has always been purebred dogs!  Over the past 38 years, under the
Harnett prefix, she has exhibited Beagles, Harriers, English Foxhounds, Pointers, Basenjis,
Smooth Fox Terriers, and Mini Wirehaired Dachshunds, including several Best in Show winners,
Top Producers, and many more group winners and placers.  She currently shares her home with
Mini Wire Dachshunds and Beagles. She has imported dogs from several countries to
improve the gene pool available in America.  Ann has been fortunate to visit top kennels and
shows in other countries, which have always proved to be an educational experience for her. 
She’s benefited from valuable mentoring from top breeders both at home and abroad,
and hopes to be able to in turn help a new generation of breeders.

Ann has always enjoyed handling her own dogs in the classes.  Breeding no more than
1-2 litters yearly, Harnett has produced over 150 champions.

Ann has extensive experience as a dog club president of over 20 years, show chair, and has worked
on every imaginable show committee.  At this stage in her “dog show life,” she has ventured
into the judging arena, hoping to make a positive impact on the future of the breeds.
She currently is approved to judge all hound breeds, the Hound Group, all Sporting breeds,
the Sporting Group, Great Danes, Miscellaneous, Best in Show, Smooth Fox Terriers,
Junior Showmanship, and has applied to judge several additional terrier breeds. 
She also participates as a seminar presenter and mentor for “her” breeds.

Significant specialty judging assignments include: Beagles, Bloodhounds, American Cocker Spaniels,
Irish Setters, Brittanys, English Springer Spaniels, Salukis, Pointers, German Shorthaired Pointers,
Dachshunds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Norwegian Elkhounds. 
She has judged both American and Canadian Beagle National.


John R. Boozer, USA

John is, first and foremost, a Smooth Fox Terrier and Beagle specialist judge. 
Under the Pell-Mell and Harnett prefixes, he has bred over 100 champions during the past 50 years,
including group winners/placers and top producing sires and dams. 
He has also made up imports from several other countries, and has exported dogs internationally. 

He has been involved with purebred dogs since the mid-1960’s. 
Currently, he’s approved to judge 20 breeds in 3 different groups for AKC,
with applications in process to judge the balance of the terriers. 
His judging highlights include the honor of adjudicating at several
Beagle and Fox Terrier specialties and supported entries. 

His extensive experience with many diverse breeds, including Smooth Fox Terriers, Beagles,
English Foxhounds, Harriers, Pointers, Irish Terriers, Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Basenjis,
Dachshunds and Bull Terriers gives him a balanced perspective in judging, while his immersion in the
specific breeds has led to an in depth study of breed type. 
He has visited domestic and international kennels and has benefited from shared knowledge in every case.

John has been show chairman for the past 15 years for his local all breed kennel club,
and is active in regional and national breed clubs.  He has judged all over the United States.

Gunilla Sandberg, SE

Min första hund en mellanpudel fick jag 1971. Och där startade mitt intresse för den rasen.
Jag har sen varit trogen rasen i alla år, även om pudlarna har krympt i storlek och jag
numera föder upp dvärg och toy. Jag har även haft en liten uppfödning av Lakelandterrier.
I familjen har även funnits Siberian Husky, och jakthundar. Jag fick min domarlegitimation 1996.
Och dömer idag ett fyrtiotal raser i främst grupp 5. Utöver att jag har dömt i våra nordiska länder
har jag även dömt i England. Den ras jag har dömt mest av som jag är auktoriserad på är Siberian Husky.  

Robin Newhouse, GB

I first became involved in showing dogs in 1967 when I became a partner in the Annecy Samoyed kennel.
To date we have bred and owned over 40 UK Champions in Samoyeds plus 4 Hungarian Puli Champions.
I awarded my first set of C.C's in 1985 and now award C.C's in 35 breeds in the Pastoral,
Working and Utility Groups. I also judge these three Groups plus Best In Show at Championship level.
I have judged in numerous countries all over the world including the First National
Samoyed Championship Show which was held in Australia.
This year I have the pleasure of judging the Pastoral Group at Crufts.
Anna-Lena Munkvall, SE
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